Hourly Wage Discrepancies Between Males and Females in the Trades Occupation: A Policy Issue

The trades are historically known as a male dominated occupation. This is due to women not being exposed to the trades as a career option, a general lack of a lack of awareness of the trades and a lack of encouragement for them to work in the trades. To ensure diversity in trades occupations there needs to be a diversity strategy created, training support to organizations and employment supports to increase hiring and retention of females in trades occupations.

Please see an info-graphic at ‘A Comparison of Hourly Wages for the Trades by Sex – Statistics Canada Data Set’ detailing the hourly wages of trades between 1997-99 and 2017-19, and also a comparison for those time frames sub-categorized by sex. The visual representation of data shows an increase to base hourly wages of trades over the last 20 years. It is interesting to note the total hourly wage shown in the top set of data is almost identical in the lower set of data. This is due to the abysmal numbers of women being in the trades.

This information was found in a data set downloaded from the Statistics Canada website and represents the ‘Hourly wage distribution by occupation, monthly, unadjusted for seasonality (x 1,000)’. Tableau was then utilized to design the info-graphic.

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