Hourly Wage Discrepancies Between Males and Females in the Trades Occupation: A Policy Issue

The trades are historically known as a male dominated occupation. This is due to women not being exposed to the trades as a career option, a general lack of a lack of awareness of the trades and a lack of encouragement for them to work in the trades. To ensure diversity in trades occupations there […]

Persuasive Presentation vs. Manipulation of Decision-Makers by Policy Analysts

In the public service the role of a policy analyst is to provide unbiased information to a decision-maker to ensure decisions made in the public interest reflect public needs which are moral and ethical. This means focusing on statistical facts attained through analyzing data. There are two approaches which could be used to deliver this […]

Understanding Probability Statements Allows for Informed Public Policy

You are always better off when you are more informed. Understanding probability statements like”1 in 500 chance” or terms such as “possibility”, “likelihood” or a “balance of probabilities” is important for good public policy. For example, the term “on a balance of probabilities” in the court system, refers to a neutral third party, a hearing […]

What is the ideal level of well-being?

The Human Development Index (HDI) is used to calculate the “Wellness Index”, also known as human well-being. The standard HDI is comprised of three dimensions: A long and healthy life; Knowledge; and A decent standard of living.  These three dimensions are then broken down into indicators; these indicators portray life expectancy at birth, expected years […]

‘Uber Game’ Simulation: An Inspiration for Policy Development in Healthcare Patient Safety

Uber Game is a simulation designed to help an individual understand what an Uber driver may experience during a regular work week. There is an initial goal of $1000 to be met for an entire week of work to pay your mortgage bill. Throughout the game you are given options to select from such as […]

How Much Do University of Regina Employees Earn? 2018/2019 Annual Salaries

Have you been to university and ever questioned how much money your teacher makes? Did you know many universities have this information available for the public to view? As a University of Regina student (both undergraduate and master’s) I have always been curious about just how much money these people who are moulding me into […]

The Importance of Statistical Analysis in Good Public Policy

Statistical analysis is essential for public administration to create good policies that are based on impartial and trustworthy information. The public should be able to trust data being collected, interpreted and then used to create positive change for the public by the public administration, is done ethically and accurately. The use of data collected from […]

Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration – Article Review

By Hannah Gregory March 14, 2019 Andrew McAfee wrote a concise and compelling article called “Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration“. An overview of the article: This article explores McAfee’s investigations into informal, spontaneous, less structured and knowledge-based work of companies. He believes blogs, wikis, and tagging should be implemented into businesses for more […]

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